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In 2015 the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy was in search for a new energy market design. As decentralization of energy production and digitization of communication between energy market actors became widespread new concepts were demanded. . The aim of the legislative process was to develop an electricity market design for the energy transition, as the existing model became inefficient as the share of electricity generated from renewable sources increased. Thorsten Zoerner (founder and creator of STROMDAO) developed the model of the hybrid electricity market and submitted it to the Ministry. At the same time, a white paper was published and made known to the industry. The 2015 amendment partially complied with the proposed market model and its rules, paving the way for the commercial implementation of the mechanisms described. It quickly became apparent that the processes for billing and business processing established in the energy industry were standardized, but were not able to ensure a small-scale implementation. What was needed was a technology that made it possible to express ownership of small shares and to document the transfer without gaps. In 2016, Stefan Thon and Thorsten Zoerner met in a project to develop a standard for the settlement of so-called "residential electricity". It turned out that the task contained the same problems that were solved with the hybrid power market model. An additional difficulty, however, was that a solution was sought that was able to represent the market rules automatically on a decentralized basis (in the object). The blockchain technology was used, which solved the problem of consensus building of all parties (=tenant, plant operator, owner) also in the absence of a central control. Energy economist Manuel Utz joined the team in spring 2017. The first electricity customers were supplied with it and the first prototype of a hybrid electricity tariff was developed. Corrently is the logical and consistent further development of the first hybrid electricity tariff developed back in 2017.


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Name: Corrently
Category: Finance
Country: Germany
Founded: 2016
Link: website

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Coin name: CORI
Platform: Ethereum
Accepting: ETH EURO
Total supply: 1,000.00
ICO Cap.: 200.00