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About the team

The Iconiq Lab team brings together extensive experience in venture capital, auditing, marketing, entrepreneurship, finance, fintech, blockchain and alternative investments to create a premium token investment club with top quality ICOs.

Short description about the token

The Iconiq Lab club membership token, ICNQ, is structured as a utility token, governed by an ERC20 smart contract. Holders of the ICNQ club membership token will be provided exclusive presale rights, with the associated discounts, to the graduates of the Iconiq Lab ICO accelerator program, as well as have access to exclusive community content and research. The management team of Iconiq Lab will perform due diligence on applicants to the program, selecting only the most promising crypto projects or tokenizable startups for admission. Program participants will be provided expert services related to tokenization, best practices in ICO marketing, legal and regulatory issues, and general business development by Iconiq Lab and its partners as they are accelerated to their own presale and token sale. The ICNQ club membership token must be held in your wallet to participate in the presales of these accelerator program graduates.


Patrick Lowry

CEO and Managing Partner Linkedin Profile

Max Lautenschlager

Managing Partner and Sourcing Director Linkedin Profile

Sandris Murins

Strategy Director Linkedin Profile

Arabdha Sudhir

Marketing Director Linkedin Profile

Lukasz Musialski

Portfolio Director Linkedin Profile

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About company

Name: Iconiq Lab
Category: Finance
Country: Germany
Founded: 2017
Link: website

Token facts

Coin name: ICNQ
Platform: Ethereum
Accepting: ETH
Total supply: 16.00



arabdha.sudhir@iconiqlab.com arabdha.sudhir@iconiqlab.com

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