Museums Chain (Pre-sale)

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Short description about the token

Museums Chain will be issuing an ERC20 token called a Museums Chain Token (MSM). MSM tokens are based on the Ethereum platform and are ERC-20 compliant.70,000,000 total tokens will be generated. No additional tokens will be created. Unsold tokens will be burned. MSM Tokens will be fully transferable, exchangeable and will be listed on exchanges. ⤠Contract: 0x122e8e54d1fa49be39c0cd5ee5c94950317568db ⤠Token Symbol: MSM ⤠Token Standard: ERC20 ⤠Decimals: 5 ⤠Total Token Supply: 70,000,000


William Andrews

CEO & Founder Linkedin Profile

Lucas Booth

Marketing & PR activities Linkedin Profile

Joseph Hudson

COO & Operations Linkedin Profile

David Walker

Senior Developer Linkedin Profile

Ryan Hill

Content Manager Linkedin Profile

Daniel Gray

Photographer of 3D Panoramas Linkedin Profile

Logan Iyod

Designer & Web Developer Linkedin Profile

Matthew Lee

Technical 3D director Linkedin Profile

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About company

Name: Museums Chain (Pre-sale)
Country: United Kingdom
Founded: 2018
Link: website

Token facts

Coin name: MSM
Platform: Ethereum
Accepting: ETH
Total supply: 70.00



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