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The OS.University decentralized platform bridges the gap between businesses and education through the blockchain (used for validating and verifying learners’ credentials) and smart contracts (managing content purchases, marketplace transactions and hiring processes). We apply open source technologies and principles of collaboration to re-engineer the current-state educational model by building a system to enable smarter transactions of information & value through institutional, national borders. There will be a highly sophisticated matching algorithms system which will take care of: Professional opportunities will be presented to every learner in accordance with their interests and level of skills he has. Matching algorithms will rely on already verified data related to the skills and experience of the Learner gained through the years. Auto-suggesting talents to a company based on the percentage of overlap between interests of the Learner and the Business. This particular matching algorithm will facilitate the job of HR specialists and will drastically optimize business costs regarding all stages of the recruitment process. Academy analytics which allows Learners to gather in alumni networks and closely collaborate with the educational providers. Introduce trust in achieved results along with open and clear communication processes.


Hristian Daskalov

Project Lead Linkedin Profile

Jordan Jambazov

Technology Lead Linkedin Profile

Momchil Jambazov

Creative Technologist Linkedin Profile

Dobromir Kovachev

Blockchain Developer Linkedin Profile

Vsevolod Okhrimenko

Software Developer Linkedin Profile

Teodora Alexieva

Marketing Manager Linkedin Profile

Margarita Taskova

Digital Designer Linkedin Profile

Prof. Kevin Dowd

Token Economics Visionary Linkedin Profile

Gordon Kerr

Senior Investment Advisor Linkedin Profile

Aly Madhavji Senior

Strategy Advisor Linkedin Profile

Detelina Smilkova

Senior Academia Advisor Linkedin Profile

Ian Scarffe

Senior Crypto Advisor Linkedin Profile

Jeroen van Hertum

Senior Corporate Advisor Linkedin Profile

Kalin Tsekov

Senior Technology Advisor Linkedin Profile

Prof. Ognyan Andreev

Senior Academia Ambassador Linkedin Profile

Angel Berniz

Senior Executive Digital Advisor Linkedin Profile

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About company

Name: Open Source University
Category: Data storage
Country: Bulgaria
Founded: 2018
Link: website

Token facts

Coin name: EDU
Platform: Ethereum
Accepting: ETH
Total supply: 48,000,000.00



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