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About the team

Sound Legends Inc., is a company that has invested considerable resources to successfully launch a global music platform with presence in all 195 countries worldwide. The Company provides a comprehensive suite of tools, services and products designed to allow independent artists around the world to be heard and to develop, exploit and protect their music assets. The Sound Legends’ corporate mission is to return the power to independent musicians and grant them full control of their revenues, royalties, and statistics through an amazing variety of music industry products and services.

Short description about the token

The Sound Legends Token (SLC) is a fundamental component of the entire Sound Legends ecosystem. It will allow users to use it as a payment tool for all the Sound Legends core services developed by the Company and the future products to come, including Sound Legends The Game and our network of value between artist, fans and supporters. All within the Sound Legends Platform.


Alex Malagon

President Linkedin Profile

Gregory Smith

Chief Technology Officer / Blockchain Expert Linkedin Profile

Bart Siegel

VP Business Development Linkedin Profile

Ricardo Porven

Senior Software Engineer & Project Manager Linkedin Profile

Francisco Gonzalez

Software Engineer / Frontend Developer Linkedin Profile

Michael Garrett Bryant

Music Advisor Linkedin Profile

Ronald Tato

Cryptocurrency Advisor Linkedin Profile

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About company

Name: Sound Legends
Category: Advertising
Country: United States
Founded: 2018
Link: website

Token facts

Coin name: SLC
Platform: Ethereum
Total supply: 100,000,000.00