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Token lockup period: Tokens frozen by a smart contract for 3 years, with the possibility of issuing no more than 1/3 a year: - Team, advisers, founders - Reserve fund - Early long-term investors Token price: 1 W12 = 0,00035 ETH. Discounts apply depending on the date of purchase. Accepted forms of payment: ETH, LTC, BTC, BCH, ETC Token transfer: W12 tokens will be transferred to customers through a smart contract immediately after receiving a confirmation of payment. Token emission: Limited to 400 million tokens. Neither mining, nor any other method that allows for an increase in the number of W12 tokens can be applied. Hard Cap: Hard cap is set in the number of tokens on each round of the token sale Pre-sale: 20 million tokens (5250 ETH - 5950 ETH) Crowd sale: 80 million tokens (25200 ETH – 28000 ETH) Timing All token sale rounds start at 12:00 UTC+0.


Oleg Sharpatiy

CVO & Founder Linkedin Profile

Andrey Granovskiy

CEO & Founder Linkedin Profile

Michael Korneev

CTO Linkedin Profile

David Kuhl

Business Development Director, Zürich, Switzerland Linkedin Profile

Aleksandr Tikhonov

Head of marketing Linkedin Profile

Ibrahim Tletseri

Art director Linkedin Profile

Nelly Pankovichenko

IR and business development Linkedin Profile

Margarita Trifonova

Head of ICO projects department. Linkedin Profile

Maria Zhirkova

Head of Sales Linkedin Profile

Savilya Akhmedova

Business development Linkedin Profile

Artur Potemkin

HR specialist Linkedin Profile

Rodion Nikiforov

IT specialist Linkedin Profile

Andrey Konovalchukov

Head of the translation department Linkedin Profile

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About company

Name: W12
Category: Finance
Country: Singapore
Founded: 2018
Link: website

Token facts

Coin name: W12
Platform: Ethereum
Accepting: BTC ETH
Total supply: 400.00
ICO Cap.: 30,000.00



i.bondarenko@w12.io i.bondarenko@w12.io

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